22 Brilliant Golf Markers that are Fun, Stylish and Personalized

Last updated in April 2021

With such a wide range of Golf Ball Markers it can be hard to find the right one... many are simply too basic, or poor quality... so avoid trawling through hundreds of rubbish options and take a look at our pick of the Top 22 Golf Markers.

We have a wide range including funny ball markers, designed to make them and their friends chuckle during the game, through to stylish markers that are hand crafted by master blacksmiths.

Personalized ball markers make an excellent gift and many can have custom text or images placed upon them, meaning they will be truly unique and give them a quick reminder how much they mean to you whilst they are out on the course.

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22 Brilliant Golf Markers that are Fun, Stylish and Personalized

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The Best Funny & Custom Golf Ball Markers in the US

Golf Ball Markers make great gifts: often they can be personalised but are small enough to be low cost whilst still looking great and most golfers end up losing them so they need replacing often!

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Copper Personalized Golf Ball Marker

This personalized hand-stamped copper ball marker almost looks too good to actually use out on the course. But with your personal message and the amazing craftsmanship on display here, they will want to use it again and again.

Custom Set of Three Photo Ball Markers

Ball markers can be pretty boring and if they have received any from events then that usually means other people have similar ones too. Not with this set! These 3 ball markers are fully customizable with your own image meaning not only will they stand out but they will bring back amazing memories too.

Funny Magnetic Golf Marker Set

Choose from 5 different sets from the funny to the downright ride (think sexual positions) with these great magnetic golf ball markers. You will definitely stand out with these!

Gold Plated Golf Ball Markers

How about something a bit bling? Check out these gold plated and diamond infused (yes real Swarovski) ball markers. They should make seeing their reflection easy in the bright sunshine!

Hand Forged Panda, Copper Ball Marker

Hand crafted by seasoned blacksmiths in Oregon, these Copper ball markers are super stylish and definitely unique compared to the usual plastic or metal markers. With free personalized message up to 8 characters, these make a perfect unique gift for the golf lover in your life.

Jumbo Personalized Golf Ball Marker

Although there is a wide range of ball markers to choose from, make theirs truly unique with this jumbo personalized ball marker. It is bigger than all the rest and more personal than anything else, making a really great present for any occasion.

Minion Golf Ball Marker

Minions are very talented but also very loyal, both perfect qualities for a ball marker... let this little dressed-up minion act as your ball marker and along with a personalized message, he will keep your ball position safe and look good at the same time.

NFL Golf Ball Markers

Check out these awesome golf ball marker sets with over 30 team choice from the NFL available. Remember to think of the person you are buying and not for yourself!

Personalized Golf Ball Marker Set

This set of stainless steel marker and hat clip can be personalized making it the ideal gift for your loved one. It even promises to make them "hit the golf ball with the attitude of a winner, because you are always with him!"

Personalized Wood Golf Ball Marker & Divot Tool

A break from the normal metal ball markers, this Walnut Wood ball marker has a magnetic attachment keeping it securely connected to the handy divot tool attachment. Don't forget to personalize it with their name to make a unique gift that functions and looks brilliant.

Stylish Personalized Ball Markers Gift Set

There are loads of ball markers out there but this one stands out because it can be personalized and it also comes in this lovely presentation box. Add on up to 3 lines of free engraving to really make this a unique gift for anyone!

The Golffather... stylish ball marker

Although we think this gift is designed for a Godfather, we see no reason why you can't get your "Golffather" this personalized ball marker... maybe that person is your father or maybe its your mate who reminds you of the famous film...