43 Funny Golf Gifts to make your Golf Buddies Laugh Hard

Last updated in April 2021

Choosing a funny golf gift for them is a sure fire winner for any occasion since they aren't really intended to be used in a proper game, they are just designed to make them laugh! We have a range of items guaranteed to get a laugh, whether that's them receiving a gift representing how rubbish they are at golf or its a prank gift they can pull on their friends, you can find them all here.

Be sure to look through our whole selection, we have funny golf gifts such as the classic exploding golf balls from Shanker - simply replace one of their balls without them noticing and enjoy the resulting explosion! Another favorite of ours is the Sasquatch Golf Club Head Cover which is multi-functional: it looks great and keeps their clubs safe too!

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43 Funny Golf Gifts to make your Golf Buddies Laugh Hard
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"Nice Shot" Glove message

This leather golf glove can be chosen as left or right handed, but that's not why we picked it. We liked the message written up the middle finger... well you can work out the rest!

19th Hole Thong G String

Who knew Golf could be so sexy? Treat them to the infamous 19th hole... maybe this is a good gift for them, or a gift for them as a treat for you, if you see what we mean? Either way, this can make a useful gift or a great gag gift if you want something a little bit edgy.

2021 Golf "Tip a Day" Desk Calendar

The key with anything in life is to keep learning and this "Tip a Day" Golf calendar will help you learn something new every day, making one small step to improving their game. Plus, it is a useful desk calendar to keep a record of all those days until they can get back out on the course!

6-pack of Unique Golf Stickers

With a strong adhesive background, these golf stickers can be stuck to almost anything... think laptop, water bottle or even their head. The range of 6 stickers includes funny golf quotes and images, making these a perfect little gift that has many uses.

Because your golf game is "poo"... toilet paper

When this is wrapped up as a gift we are pretty sure they won't have any idea what to expect. And because they are a rubbish golfer, they might be expecting some useful golf training aid... so what better surprise than with this toilet roll aimed specifically at them!

Caddyshack Fine Art print

Inspired by the legendary golf movie Caddyshack, this gift was originally a commission for a CEO but it turned out so well the artist released it as a print! Featuring all the top characters from the film, this would look amazing in their golf-man-cave.

Crappy Golf Balls for a Crappy Golfer

If your friend is a crappy golfer why would you spend your hard-earned cash on top quality golf balls for them? Won't they just lose them? Well then treat them to this not-so-subtle bags of Crappy Golf Balls which claim "zero improvement guaranteed"... what more could they want?

Custom Golf Dog Portrait

How brilliant do these look? Create a custom print they will never forget by sending in an image of their favourite pooch to be turned into a star golfer! Choose from a male or female golfer and a range of print sizes, including digital only, and get them something truly unique.

Donald Trump Putter Head Cover

He may no longer be the President of the USA, but he sure does make a great looking putter head cover. This will definitely make them stand out on the golf course whilst serving its original purpose of keeping their putter clean and safe!

Eject-a-Putt Golf Prank

This is probably the most hidden prank we have found... place this inside the hole and once their ball goes in, it will get popped right back out again! Of course they will wonder what the heck is going on and once they realise, be prepared for lots of swearing and shouting!

Funny "Sex and Golf" Wooden sign

Until we saw this sign we never appreciated how much of a link there was between Golf and Sex, but now its so clear! With this hand-made wooden sign made with reclaimed wood, let them share this classic quote with everyone who visits their house.

Funny Magnetic Golf Marker Set

Who wants to be serious on the golf course? Not them when they receive this set of funny ball markers which will stand out against even the most colorful normal round ball markers on the course.

Golf Ball Finding Glasses

This sounds too good to be true... but it isn't! These special blue lenses highlight anything white making them perfect for finding those wayward golf balls. The product claims to save "hours" searching for golf balls and comes in a handy carry pouch to keep them safe out on the course.

Golf Shot Pint Glass

Using a new real golf ball each time, these pint glasses our hand sculpted by a father-son team in the USA and we think they look fantastic. Oh and don't worry, this does still function as a normal glass albeit with a slightly lower capacity due to the golf ball damage!

Golfers BBQ Set

What better way to celebrate the end of a round of Golf than with a BBQ? With these golf-inspired BBQ tools, it will feel like they have never left the course! A three-piece set includes tongs, spatula and fork where the handle feels like a golf club, meaning they never lose grip on those sausages.

Hillbilly Golf Clubs... The Big Bubba Driver

What can you get the hillbilly golfer in your life? Take them back to basics with this 40" long hillbilly driver perfect for... absolutely nothing! Well apart from looking good anyway. The set comes complete with 2 walnut "golf balls" and a set of wooden tees and each is hand-made meaning it will be a truly unique gift!

Hillbilly Golf Tees

Treat your hillbilly friend to the golfing accessory they need and deserve, made from recycled shotgun shells! Each tee is hand made from a recycled shotgun shell so not only do they look good but they actually last longer than normal tees due to the materials used!

Horseshoe Golf Ball Markers

This set of 2 horseshoe styled ball markers will certainly stand out against the normal selection of round ball markers plus everyone knows horseshoes are lucky so this will almost definitely/probably improve their game too.

I hate Golf... I love Golf... Golf Towel

If they are anything like us they will definitely go through this thought process regularly... playing golf is definitely a love/hate relationship. However, just by having this golf towel out on the course will make them realise that they will start off hating it and then by the end they will love it!

I Like Big Putts... Funny T-Shirt

There is certainly nothing rude about this shirt... but we do detect a hint of a reference to that infamous MC Hammer song but we can't figure out why? Anyway, this lyrically inspired t-shirt is perfect for off the course chilling and comes in a range of colors and sizes!

I Love my Wife... Golf Mug

They always say you should read between the lines... and nowhere is that better proven than with this Golf inspired Mug. It either says "I Love my Wife" or "I Love it When my Wife lets me go Golfing", depending on how you read it? Which way will they read it?

I Putt Better... License Plate Frame

We all know it's true... they probably spend more time out on the golf course than driving so they really will be better at putting than driving. Make it official and let everyone else know too, with this Chrome License plate cover which measures 12" x 6" to fit most US automobile makes and models.

Jumping, Wobbling & Farting Golf Ball

A great way for a giggle out on the golf course, this realistic looking golf ball doesnt act normally, in fact, when hit it wobbles a bit, jumps a bit and even lets out a fart! Keep this a secret and swap it for a friends ball when they are not looking for some serious laughs!

Mens Tee-Rex Golf T-Shirt

Fact: Golf has been around for over 70 million years and this T-shirt proves it. I mean clearly the courses were bigger and probably the golf clubs needed to be longer too, but the Tee-Rex was the undisputed champion back then. Let them channel their inner Tee-Rex and compete out on the course.

Money themed set of 3 Golf Balls

Probably not the best balls to use out on the course, but this set of 3 balls in what looks like a money-themed wrapper would look great on their desk or on a shelf in their house. With 2 styles to choose from, this gift is suitable to both your US and UK/European friends!

Mulligan Genie - Golf Cheating Aid

Do they need all the help they can get? Discreetly treat them to this cheating aid, comprising of single golf ball safely strapped to the lower leg, allowing them to "drop" that new ball wherever they need it to be dropped, instead of in the deep rough for example. Sadly won't work with fitted pant legs... so make sure everything is a bit loose!

Novelty Parrot Golf Club Cover

These novelty golf club covers will certainly stand out, just make sure they comply with the course dress code as they are quite colorful... choose from a range of different animals & designs.

Personalized Golf Club Head Cover

This is actually completely customizable with your own choice of picture, however we really like the idea of gifting one of these golf club covers with a silly dog picture on it. Or maybe you can put some other silly animal on it? What about a pig or a monkey or a giraffe? Giraffes are always silly.

Poker Chip-style Golf Ball Marker Set

This 16 pack of poker inspired ball markers are so good looking we reckon they are actually just poker chips painted with inspirational and funny messages on the side... oh wait, that's exactly what they are... just don't try to bet with them!

Poop Emoji Set of 50 Tees

If your loved one is not very good at golf then maybe you could get them this set of 50 "ShiTee" golf tees, complete with poop emoji on top. Then everyone else will know how bad they are!

Prank Exploding Golf Balls

Golf is a serious game... except when its not... and this set of exploding golf balls is sure to cause an eruption of chaos out on the golf course. Simply swap one of your mates regular balls with one of these when they are not looking and watch on in delight as a plume of dust erupts from their exploding ball.

Schwetty Pair of Balls

This 2-pack of balls is very very Schwetty so be careful when you handle them... oh and even better they are USGA approved so don't hide them away, get them used!

Table Golf Shot Drinking Game

Combine two of their favorite activities... golf and drinking! This table top game can be played anywhere. The idea is to hit the ball into the hole with the included mini-club, then depending upon how many shots it took, following the instructions on the side. Watch as your friends get worse and worse as the drinks go down... but what if they actually get better?

Toilet Golf / Potty Putter

No selection of funny golf gifts can be complete without this Toilet Golf gift set! Have fun with every trip to the bathroom whilst also honing your putting skills, this set includes a putting mat cup with flagpole, two balls, putter and the all important "do not distrub" door sign!

Vintage Golf Photo Print

Prints of Photos from the "olden days" are always a hit present and would look great on any wall in their house. This print from the 1920's shows a group of men playing golf whilst waiting for their suit to be pressed... a very enterprising idea to keep the customer happy!

Why You Suck at Golf book

Nothing like a good book to really tell you how it is. Written in a tongue-in-cheek style, this book details 50 of the most common mistakes amateur golfers make but importantly it details what can be done to fix those problems! It's not intended to be a deep book that takes hours to digest, rather a reference book for key pointers they can follow to improve their game.

You Suck Balls... Golf Trophy

Perfect for the friend who is always the worst scorer, or as a comedy trophy in a local golf tournament, this ball-bag inspired trophy comes with free engraving! The standard option is smooth resin balls, but there is an enhanced option of hairy silicone balls for an extra $10... there's a sentence we will never say again!