8 Very Silly Emoji Golf Balls to Make Them Laugh

Last updated in April 2021

Golf Balls are a pretty essential item in the game of golf, we are no experts, but we don't think you could play without them. But why stick with boring white? Check out our range of Emoji inspired golf balls to give their game some much needed color and also an opportunity for a good laugh!

Just because they look good, doesn't mean Emoji Golf Balls aren't useful too. Most of our selection are USGA approved meaning they perform well out on the golf course too. Of course because they do look good, Emoji Golf Balls are often kept as a collectable item and make a nice office display or even indoor practise ball.

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8 Very Silly Emoji Golf Balls to Make Them Laugh
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Blowing a Kiss Emoji Ball Set of 3

This super bright yellow Emoji "blowing a kiss" ball set not only looks good, it will certainly be easy to find out on the course! Plus it conforms to USGA standards meaning it won't fall to pieces when it gets hit!

Poop Group Emoji Gift Set

Whether this is a comment on their golf skills or on their personality, it doesn't matter, these poop-themed set of 3 balls looks ace. They are both collectable and playable so why not get more than one set?

Premium Emoji Universe Golf Balls

This 12 pack of bright and funny emoji golf balls comes with four different designs. The balls are a strong 2-ply construction but probably best used for practise rather than serious play, plus they wont be able to stay serious with these looking back at them!

Space Baby 3 Pack Golf Ball Set

This set of 3 golf balls is styled on a space baby (definitely not baby Yoda) and is certainly different from the run of the mill white golf balls everyone else will have. If they enjoy standing out, and love space babies, this are the balls for them!

WTF Emoji Golf Balls

These USGA approved golf balls would be a great addition to any golfers kit and the WTF motive on the front will be perfect for when they slice it into the rough. The super bright yellow coating make them great for playing in poor light as they will be hard to lose!