12 Easy but Extraordinary Golf Gift Baskets & Gift Sets

Last updated in April 2021

Sometimes its nice to pick out specific products as a gift, but often it can be hard to know what to buy them... that's where Gift Baskets and Gift Sets come in handy!

These golf themed products make it easy for you by including a range of items. We have some which contain only the accessories they will need when starting their golfing career, but don't let that put you off... even the most experienced golfer needs new balls, tees and other useful items every now and again. They are sure to appreciate the range of items included in these sets.

For something a bit special, a golf inspired Gift Basket may be your best option. Lovingly presented in a nice basket, or often in a useful item such as a cooler bag, these golf gift baskets usually contain a range of scrumptious treats and golfing accessories. Look out for the Cookie Bouquet, it looks good enough to eat (which is lucky because you are supposed to eat it!)

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12 Easy but Extraordinary Golf Gift Baskets & Gift Sets
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"Hole in One" Golf Gift Set

This basket is filled to the brim with awesome snacks and useful accessories, a perfect gift for the golfer in your life. Add your own gift message and watch them smile with delight at this beautifully presented gift set.

"I'd Rather be Golfing" Gift Basket

Over at "Design it Yourself Gift Baskets" they have a huge range of gift baskets, and 17 golf specific baskets, but this was our favourite! With a wide range of tasty snacks plus some useful golf accessories, all served up in a handy cooler bag - this gift set has everything!

Baby Golfer Gift Set

This 3-piece set is adorable and perfect for the new arrival, especially when Mummy or Daddy are big Golf fans! The bodysuit, booties and hat come packaged in a cute golf cart styled box, making this an all round excellent gift set for the new baby.

Bro Basket, Golfers Delight Gift Basket

Wow! We fell in love with this one at first sight! Definitely aimed at the upper end of the gift basket market, this superb offering from Bro Basket includes a 750ml bottle of scotch, 3 Nicaraguan cigars, a range of snacks plus useful golf accessories such as Callaway balls and golf tees.

Callaway Golf Starter Set

Do they love their brands? Well look no further than the Callaway starter gift set which 6 Callaway branded accessories complete with drawstring bag to keep everything safe. Since its a top brand, they know they are getting quality products such as balls, tees and even a club brush.

Golfer's Gift Set

Containing eight of the main tools and accessories they will need for their golfing hobby including ball marker, stroke counter and bottle opener (yes this is an essential item), this gift set comes in a well presented box, making it an easy but great gift.

Golfers Accessories Gift Set

A great little set of accessories, perfect for someone just starting out and all contained in an easy to carry organizer bag. They will receive 6 golf balls, a male and female styled tee, ball markers, a divot tool and much more!

Gourmet Golf Gift Basket

Now some might say this is only loosely golf related, but who cares, look at all those amazing chocolates, biscuits and even beef jerky! This is definitely on the top end of golf gift baskets but with its stunning presentation and quality contents, they will definitely love this gift.

Let's Golf, Cooler and Snacks Gift Basket

When is a basket not a basket? When it's a club bag shaped cooler, thats when! Get cheese, biscuits and peanuts, plus a range of useful golf accessories with this brilliantly-styled gift basket. They are sure to treasure this for many years to come!

MLB Golf Set

Don't get them any old golf gift set... get them one that combines their love of golf with their love of Major League Baseball! This MLB branded set includes towel, balls and tees plus you get to choose between 5 different teams - just remember to get them the right team!

Stylish Golf Accessories Gift Set

This 5-in-1 value pack we think looks really stylish and has everything the budding golfer needs including golf towel, club brush and divot tool. With everything having a simple key chain attachment, they will be able to keep things safe by attaching to their club bag.

Swing into a Happy Birthday Cookie Bouquet

And now for something a little different... this fantastic looking gift set is actually cookies, yes real tasty cookies! Perfect for the golf lover with a sweet tooth, each set is hand delivered and you can even choose how many cookies you want in a set.