15+ Heartfelt Golf Gifts for The Boyfriend You Love

Last updated in April 2021

Aww... it's so lovely that you want to treat your Boyfriend to a Gift that he will truly love, you know, rather than nicely framed picture of the two of you... because he probably doesn't really want that. So treat him to one of our curated list of Golf Gifts, perfect for any occasion, be it a birthday or an anniversary.

We have a great selection of funny options for him including some personalized gifts (the bobblehead is our favorite), or you could treat him to something a bit different and out there (you will see what we mean below).

Whatever the case there is something for him here. Want to choose from a more specific category of products? Check out the others in our menu above, how about Golf Man Cave accessories or our selection of BBQ Tools?

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15+ Heartfelt Golf Gifts for The Boyfriend You Love

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59 Golf Box

Treat your boyfriend to a monthly subscription box from 59 Golf and they will receive a range of apparel and accessories each month, direct to their house. Each box can be customized to the recipient meaning they will get the best selection of items from top brands such as Callaway and Under Armour in every box.

Cartoon Personalized Golf Ball

Give your boyfriend this stylish cartoon-inspired personalized golf ball with custom message on the back, perfect for any occasion. The question is, will you put a picture of his face or your face on it... which will make him hit the ball harder?!?!

Custom Golf Bobblehead

Get your boyfriend the gift he has always wanted, a custom bobblehead version of himself! Send in a high-resolution photo and wait for his surprise as he unveils a bobblehead that looks just like him!

Funny "Sex and Golf" Wooden sign

Make your boyfriend laugh (or cry) with this stylish sign describing Golf and Sex as the two things you can still enjoy even if you are no good at them. Maybe he will take the hint? Maybe he will think you are only talking about the Golf...

Hillbilly Golf Tees

Made from real but recycled shotgun shells, these golf tees are genuinely usable and actually very durable compared to normal golf tees, plus they look awesome! We think he will love the Hillbilly connection here and enjoy sharing these unique golf tees with his friends.

Personalized Full Photo Golf Towel

This full photo golf towel is pretty unique, most others have a much smaller amount of personalization. The question is what picture to choose for your boyfriend... remember he is going to use it to clean his (golf) balls and it will be on public display, so keep it clean!

Schwetty Pair of Balls

This USGA approved set of two golf balls is handily marked left and right... you definitely don't want to get your balls mixed up. This is a funny gift that we are sure your boyfriend will enjoy.

Space Baby 3 Pack Golf Ball Set

This pack of 3 "Space Baby" themed golf balls are designed to stand out and we are sure they will get asked many questions about them, such as "Is that Baby Yoda" and "In space can they hear you scream"? If that doesn't put him off his game then he will be super happy with these stylish balls.

Star Wars Golf Ball Marker Set

My guess is he is probably a big fan of Star Wars? I mean, who isn't?!?! Well this Star Wars inspired set of 3 ball markers will definitely make him happy and we think it looks brilliant. Each features a different design and since they are magnetic they are easy to attach to a bag or hat clip and keep safe.

Stylish Golf Accessories Gift Set

Struggling for something to buy your boyfriend? Whether its Christmas, Birthday or some other occasion you can't go far wrong with this golf accessories set, containing a set of 5 items that he is guaranteed to need out on the course.

The Gotham Golfcart

Does your boyfriend see himself as a bit of a superhero? Well every superhero needs some technology and this Batman-inspired golf cart will make him the envy of the golf course. Reaching a top speed of 38 mph, it will also get him between holes quicker, meaning less time spent away from you!?

Whing Golf (a new way to play Golf)

Is your boyfriend no good at ordinary golf? Well then get him this alternative version... Whing Golf! He will have to throw the ball down the fairway with a specially design Whing club, then toss it onto the green (yes with his hands) and finally use a normal putter to finish things off. Certainly keeps the cost down... no wide range of clubs to purchase here!