30+ Wicked Golf Gifts for Him, Even if he has Everything

Last updated in April 2021

If you are looking for a Golf Gift for Him then you have come to the right place. We have scoured the internet to find the very best products he will love and appreciate, even if he is an avid golfer and says he has everything he needs!

Regardless of the occasion, any of these Golf Gifts would be perfect for the Man in your life. We have picked a range of items from the funny to the seriously useful, and a bunch of personalized golfing items too as they always go down well.

If this still isn't enough, check out some of our other categories for more specific items, or get him to create his own wishlist on this very site to make your life really easy!

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30+ Wicked Golf Gifts for Him, Even if he has Everything

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2-line Custom Golf Tees, set of 50

With 10 font colors and upto 48 characters of text across two lines, this 50-pack of custom Golf Tees makes the perfect gift. The only question is: do you write something funny or something nice?

Best Boss by Par... mug

Has he got a great boss that let's him finish early on Friday to get a few rounds in before dark? Or maybe you are his boss and you want to remind him how good you are... either way, we love this coffee mug.

Birdie Bundle Subscription Box

Get him a regular delivery of quality golfing products including apparel and accessories plus lots of discounts on other products too and he will be sure to love you forever! Not knowing what is coming will keep him excited but also open his eyes to new brands and products that he hasn't considered before.

Bro Basket, Golfers Delight Gift Basket

If he loves his Golf and he loves top quality food and drink, then he will love this Golfers Delight Gift Basket from "Bro Basket". Complete with Scotch, Cigars, Snacks and a range of top golfing accessories, he will be absolutely amazed when this turns up at his door.

Collegiate Hat Clip & 2 Ball Markers

Remind him of his former College days by choosing this set of 2 colorful iron-stamped ball markers plus magnetic hat clip. Choose from a wide range of teams with each set packaged in a hangable clamshell, making them easy to keep safe.

Cooking is Like Golf, funny Apron

Does he like cooking, or do you want him to do more cooking? Either way, combine that with his love of golf to get this awesome "Cooking is Like Golf" Apron, perfect if he is making a quick omelette or a fancy steak dinner.

Crate with 24 Personalized Golf Balls

Who wouldn't want to receive a set of 24 personalized golf balls inside their very own crate? Whats better is that it comes with its own crowbar so they have to "break" into the crate themselves! This is the perfect special gift for him... we know he will love it!

Custom Golf Ball Marker

He will love to make his golf balls unique and what better way to do it than with this "color it yourself" ball marker? Choose from a selection of designs including the bear claw and a fighter jet to make it truly unique.

Garmin Golf Smart Watch

If he loves Golf and loves gadgets, then this has to be top of his list. A Garmin smartwatch that come loaded with 41,000 golf courses showing key details about each hole, a feature to record his score on each hole plus 15 hours battery life. We think this is a good mid-level watch but check out the other Garmin watches too if you want something cheaper or more expensive.

Golf Ball Whisky Chillers

Perfect for a post-game chilled out Whisky, these golf ball shaped chillers ensure that the drink is at the perfect temperature... ice cool! Without diluting the drink, they perform their simple function well and look pretty sharp too!

Golf Iron Bottle Opener

Everyone has a bottle opener in the kitchen, but do they have something like this? Made from recycled golf clubs, they are certainly a unique gift and will be the talk of the party.

Golf Launch Monitor

If he wants to improve his game then look no further than this nifty Launch Monitor gadget. He will need to set it up behind him and let the technology monitor his swing and hit, providing video feedback that he can act upon to make his shots more accurate or more powerful.

Golf Shot Pint Glass

If he likes his beer and his golf then he will love this! Hand sculpted by a father-son team right here in the US, this is so good it looks like a normal pint glass has suffered from a direct golf ball hit! Of course, it still functions as a normal pint glass meaning they can enjoy a post-game drink.

Hand Forged Panda, Copper Ball Marker

Everyone needs a set of good ball markers, but treat him to something that will stand out with this hand forged copper Panda marker. Complete with free hand-stamped personalization, this marker looks and feels like something special and it is sure to make his game a bit special too.

Heads Down Golf Tees

Whether this is a present from Wife to Husband, or friend to friend, they are sure to see the funny side of this custom set of golf tees. Arriving in a pack of 4, make sure to hit ball right in the sweet spot to avoid hitting this poor girl on the bottom.

Hillbilly Golf Clubs... The Big Bubba Driver

For the golfer that has everything... get him this joke present that would be pretty useless out on the course, but we think would look pretty awesome in their office or on the wall at home. Arriving in a set complete with wooden tees and walnut golf balls, this is a great gift for Him that we know he will find funny.

I Like Big Putts... Funny T-Shirt

Does he find himself singing MC Hammer for no apparent reason? Then get him this song-inspired but golf-styled T-Shirt which is available in a range of colors and sizes. Probably not one for wearing on the golf course, best saved for lounging around the house.

I Love my Wife... Golf Mug

Does he need reminding of how much he loves you? Do you need reminding? Well, rather than talk to eachother just employ this simple coffee mug to do it for you!

Laser Range Finder

Laser Range Finders are useful for understanding the distances to holes or other relevant features on the course. This particular model has a maximum range of 540 yards which is suitable for almost all situations. With a simple to use viewing interface, this will definitely help him out on the fairway.

Miniature Golf Arcade Game

He has probably dreamed of owning his own arcade gaming system at some point... to bring back the memories of when he was younger? Well now he can! This mini golf arcade game features 3 different 18-hole courses and even a multiplayer mode so all his friends can reminisce too!

Mulligan Genie - Golf Cheating Aid

Does he have a habit of hitting the ball off the fairway and losing the game because it takes so long to get back onto the course? Well give him a bit of help with this cheating aid... he will need to strap to his lower leg and dispense a new ball in a better position when required. All of course without his golf buddies realising!

Official Emoji Golf Balls, 6-pack

Emoji's are all the rage nowadays and this set of "official" Emoji themed golf balls make a perfect addition to any collection. Do you prefer the cute heart-eyes Emoji or the blunt poop Emoji?

Personalized Eternitee Golf Tee Set

Who says Golf Tees are boring? This "Eternitee" Golf Tee employs a flexible rubber top providing reduced resistance to allow for a smoother shot. Make it unique for him with the option to add an engraved message.

Players Towel - Personalized Golf Towel

Towel's can seem like a pretty boring purchase but actually are really useful out on the course. This particular towel has been useful to many professionals over the years so should help them improve their game (really?). Add your own touch with extensive personalization options.

TaylorMade Gift Card

The TaylorMade gift card can be loaded with a dollar amount of your choice and then used to purchase from a wide selection of top brand items used by the professionals. If they like their quality brands, this is the one for them.

Titleist Pro V1X Personalized with your Image

We know he will love this top branded Golf Ball from Titleist, especially when he can see its personalized with your own text and/or logo! These balls feature tour level performance with top accuracy and flight distance making them not only look good but feel good too.

Under Armour Men's Tech Golf Polo

If he is anything like us, he can never have enough golf shirts. He may only have four pairs of socks to his name, but probably has 6 different golf shirts. Well has he got this one? If not, get it him now! It's from top brand Under Armour and comes in a range of sizes and color combinations.