15+ Shocking Golf Gifts for the Kid Who is the Next Big Thing

Last updated in April 2021

Buying Golf Gifts for Kids can be a minefield... if they are your kids, you probably already buy them everything they need, and if they are someone else's kids... well their parents probably do the same too! But have no fear, we have scoured the internet to find a range of gifts that Kids of any age would be grateful to receive.

We have a nice selection of prank gifts of course, perfect for the Kids to have fun out on the course. Plus we have Poop themed gifts, because lets be honest, Kids love talking about, joking about and laughing about poop.

However, if you think they want something specific, check out our other Gift Type categories such as Emoji Golf Balls and the ever useful Toilet Golf collection.

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15+ Shocking Golf Gifts for the Kid Who is the Next Big Thing
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12-pack of Emoji Practise Balls

Kids will love this pack of 12 emoji inspired golf balls. Not only do they look good (we like the angry red faced one) but they serve as a cheap set of practice balls, perfect for those younger players who are just starting out.

50 Golf Ball Themed Bandages

Our kids love plasters and bandages... from the smallest graze to the biggest cut, they want a plaster on. So why not use these golf inspired bandages to sooth their wounds, they look great!

6-pack of Unique Golf Stickers

Kids love stickers... be it as a reward for doing something good at school, or just to stick on every known surface in your house, they absolutely adore them. So indulge their love of golf too with this 6-pack of various stickers.

Glow in the Dark Mini Golf Course

Perfect for big and little kids alike, this glow in the dark mini golf course can be set up anywhere and will provide hours of fun for the kids. With 5 holes plus the usual mini golf obstacles to contend with, the kids will be giggling away whilst you put your feet up.

Golf Ball Divers "The Club"

Golf Balls are clearly one of those essential items needed for any game of golf but they can be expensive. Whilst they are just starting out why not get them this subscription box which comes monthly and provides a set of golf balls recovered from waterways across the US... then it doesn't matter if they lose them to the water again!

Golf Mini Pen Set

This awesome set of little golf clubs and balls would make a lovely gift for a kid. They would certainly stand out on any school desk although we don't recommend playing them when the teacher is around!

Goofy Smiley Emoji Golf Balls

Kids love Emoji's and if your Kid also loves golf then we may have found the perfect gift. Guaranteed to make them chuckle when placing on the tee, these goofy golf balls look great and play great too!

JR Golf Subscription Box

This subscription box is the only one specifically designed for kids and by kids! Get training tips, useful accessories and more delivered direct to your door each month and help them to improve their game.

Jumping, Wobbling & Farting Golf Ball

What better way to get a laugh than with this jumping, wobbling and farting golf ball! The Kids will love this for themselves but it is also an opportunity to play pranks on their friends too. Just get them to swap out a good golf ball for one of these and watch the laughs follow!

Minion Golf Ball Marker

Both Kids and Adults alike love Minions... but kids especially. So personalize this ball marker for them and they will have literally minutes of fun enjoying the cool design and the unique message you have left them.

Personalized Golf Shoe Bag

We all know Kids aren't the tidiest around so why not treat them to this lovely and personalized shoe bag? Because its unique to them, we reckon they are more likely to actually use it and put their shoes away!

Poop Emoji Set of 50 Tees

For some reason kids love everything about Poop, no not the actual poop, but jokes about poop and pictures of poop... so these poop-themed golf tees would be perfect for the slightly older child.

Pop-up Golf Greeting Card

No-one appreciates a pop-up surprise more than kids... whether thats a pop-up dinosaur book or this awesome pop-up golf greeting card, they will definitely appreciate this. With no message inside, you can give this for birthdays, weddings or anything really!

Wooden Personalized Golf Tees with Logo

Kids are going to love the range of options available here... 31 different tee colors, 13 font styles, letters or logo, on shank or cup or both. Who cares that the minimum order quantity is 100, they last forever and we don't think it will be long until you order some more!