18+ Really Useful Golf Gifts for New Golfers

Last updated in April 2021

If you are looking for the perfect Gift for that New Golfer in your life, then look no further. We know how hard it is as a new golfer to understand what you need to play... and there is so much advice out there, where do you start? Well if that sounds like them, you are in the right place, because anything from this hand picked list would make an outstanding present for a new golfer.

We have everything from the really useful starter gift sets through to training aids to sharpen their game, plus a great selection of personalized items to make them stand out on the fairway.

Don't forget to remind them though that if they register here for free, they can create their own gift wishlist and share it with you. A Win-Win situation!

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18+ Really Useful Golf Gifts for New Golfers
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72-ball Golf Ball Display

Treat the new golfer in your life to one of these golf ball display racks, helping them solve the age-old problem of what to do with your golf balls when they are not being played with. It doesn't seem fair to hide them away in a dirty garage, so proudly put them on display with this!

Callaway Golf Starter Set

Gift Sets are great for new golfers because they contain all of the essential items they need to get going and this Callaway branded set is no different. Callaway is one of the top and most respected brands in golfing and this set containing golf balls, tees and a useful club brush, is a sure fire winner.

Chipping Practice Net

Any new golfer would love to receive this gift: a set of 3 nets of different sizes, allowing them to practice their chipping technique in the garden or in the home (be careful!). Each net easily packs away meaning they can be stored out of the way simply and bought back into use when needed.

Crappy Golf Balls for a Crappy Golfer

If they are just starting out in the game of golf and also enjoy a laugh, treat them to the bag of "crappy golf balls". They won't need to worry about losing them in the rough or in the lake since they are so cheap, but we do hope it doesn't crush their spirit to improve...

Donald Trump Putter Head Cover

Treat a new golfer to one of these golf club head covers to ensure that their new clubs stay in tip-top condition... oh and they look awesome too! We particularly love this Donald Trump inspired one so even if he is no longer on our TV screens all the time, he can be with them out on the course.

Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

If they are new to golf then they will probably want to get in as many hours practice as they can... and with school, work or other life commitments, playing in the evening might be the only option. This set of glow in the dark golf balls stays lit after being hit meaning its easier to see where they went, perfect for those evening training sessions.

Golf Bag Organizer

Anyone new to golf will soon realise the amount of equipment involved! This handy golf bag organizer sits nicely at home waiting for you to return from the fairway and has enough trays, clips and baskets to cope with the biggest golf bag full of equipment.

Golf Locker Gift Card

You might think its easy buying for a new golfer but its not! You don't know what they have already purchased or what brands they love... so choose this Golf Locker Gift Card and let them choose from hundreds of golfing products across a range of brands. Easy!

Golf Supply Drop

As a new golfer they will need lots of the essential items such as balls, tees and gloves, and this monthly subscription box from Golf Supply Drop fills that need perfectly. Delivered on a regular basis ensures they will never run out of these essential items and never miss a game.

Golfer's Gift Set

Those new to golf need a lot of stuff and this handy gift box for golfers is perfectly placed to help them out. Complete with new starter essentials such as ball marker, divot tool and a set of golf tees, they will be good to go in no time.

Magnetic Golf Bag Attachment

With the huge amount of accessories needed out on the golf course, a new golfer can't go wrong with this clip-on magnetic golf bag attachment. Easily attach any magnetic items direct to your bag, making them easier to access whilst still secure and safe.

Mullybox Subscription Box

Mullybox offers a monthly delivered box of golfing goodies solely aimed at improving your game... A box typically includes golf balls plus some accessories but no apparel this time. They can use the included accessories and guides to help make them a better player!

On Par Golf - Ball Subscription Box

If they are just starting out they will probably burn through lots of golf balls, with most of them lost in the water or the long grass! This simple monthly subscription from On Par Golf provides a set of cheap reclaimed balls, something that is definitely useful!

Personalized Golf Club Head Cover

It's important to teach new golfers how to look after their clubs and this personalized golf club cover does just that. Upload your own image to make it truly unique and they will thank you forever for keeping their clubs nice and safe.

Putter Cup Golf

If you are new to the game of Golf the you need to utilise every opportunity to practise... so take your morning coffee with a few minutes of target practise with this multi-functional mug

Why You Suck at Golf book

We hope this doesn't put the new golfer off, its not intended to! Once they get past the catchy title, they will find a thorough reference guide of 50 things that amateur golfers do wrong, but more importantly, how to fix them! It is intended to be something they can refer to for specific help, rather than a read start-to-end book, making it great even if they don't like reading!

WTF Emoji Golf Balls

WTF is probably the most used saying for new golfers. Whether they slice it into the rough or miss the ball completely, these USGA approved golf balls convey their frustration even if they don't say it. Plus the bright colors make it easier to find!