15+ Thrilling Golf Gifts for Moody but Cool Teenagers

Last updated in April 2021

Teenagers are the people we all love to hate... so give them a treat from our hand-picked list of great Golf Gifts, perfect for teenagers who are into their Golf.

Of course we have the inappropriately rude or prank gifts, those are a must for any teenager. But we also have gifts which would brighten the most untidy College room too.

If you are still struggling, don't forget you can invite them to register with us for free and they can create their own wishlist, meaning you can relax and pick something you know they will like.

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15+ Thrilling Golf Gifts for Moody but Cool Teenagers
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Because your golf game is "poo"... toilet paper

We are not sure at what age do "poo" related jokes stop being funny, but Teenagers are still bound to find this golf inspired toilet paper hilarious! If you want to give them a quick motivational push, then the "Because your golf game is poo" message on the outside of this paper will remind them, even in the most personal of moments.

Eject-a-Putt Golf Prank

Teenagers love to play pranks on eachother and this is one of the simplest but best pranks we have seen. It does require them to set it up inside the hole in advance but when the ball goes in... it pops right back out again!

Floating Golf Turf Game

Teenagers are pretty resourceful when it comes down to it, so even if they don't have easy access to a pool, they are sure to figure out a way to use this awesome floating golf game. Once they have located the nearest big puddle, float this turf out and get some quality chipping practise on the go!

Funny Magnetic Golf Marker Set

With a range of 5 different sets of funny ball markers, we think your teenage recipient of this gift will definitely snigger and chortle at the gift. Plus with the added bonus of being very different from the normal ball marker, they will stand little chance of losing them out on the course!

Golf Ball Bottle Opener

If your Golf-mad Teenager is starting to explore the world of beer then get them this handy bottle opener to combine two of their passions. Made with a real golf ball for a handle and stainless steel bottle opener below, this should be a standard issue gift for any teenager.

Golf Game Dartboard

This Golf Dartboard is a great way to keep the teenagers entertained, especially if they are stuck inside. It looks absolutely fantastic and being gold themed, its a good way to keep the game alive with the rain pouring down outside.

Mens Tee-Rex Golf T-Shirt

Everyone loves a good dinosaur T-Shirt don't they? This simple but stylish Tee-Rex shirt looks great and is perfect to wear off the course, reminding everyone that when they are on the course, they are an absolute dinosaur.

MLB Golf Set

If they are into Golf and Major League Baseball then look no further than this handy MLB themed set, with golf balls, tees and 100% cotton golf towel, all with the stylings of their favorite MLB team.

NFL Golf Ball Markers

Let them follow their favorite NFL team at home and on the fairway with this awesome officially licensed gift set. Each set comes in team colors and styles with a magnetic hat clip plus two ball markers, making a perfect gift for the golf and NFL mad teenager.

Personalized Golf Towel with 8 Designs

Keeping it simple so as not to embarrass the teenagers, this golf towel can be personalized with your choice of 8 colors and 8 logo styles. Simply add their name with the customization options and you are good to go.

Play Nine - the Card Game of Golf

We think Teenagers will love this mix of golf and card game with each game lasting no longer than 20 minutes, it will keep everyone's attention. Look to draw or trade the lowest value cards to have the lowest overall score at the end to take the win.

Prank Exploding Golf Balls

Teenagers love playing pranks on eachother and this has to be one of the best golf-related pranks around. Wait until they look away and swap in this exploding golf ball which looks just like a regular ball. Wait till they hit and bang... explosions and smoke galore!

Sasquatch Golf Club Cover

Everyone loves a novelty club cover and we know all the teenagers out there will love this one in particular, just make sure they don't leave it lying in the woods... people will start asking questions

Toilet Golf / Potty Putter

Teenagers like to spend a long time in the bathroom so why not let them hone their golf skills whilst they are at it? This cool little putter and hole set, complete with flag and "do not disturb" door hanger is perfect for them.

Walt Disney World Golf Gift Card

Making a trip to Walt Disney World? Why not combine all the fun of the theme parks with a couple of rounds of golf? This handy gift card makes that easier and can be used against course fees at any of the four WDW courses.