20+ Awesome and Funny Golf Balls + Emoji!

Last updated in April 2021

Golf Balls are a great gift for your loved one because they probably keep running out of them and they are reasonably priced! Whether they hit them in the water, lose them in the woods or damage them by hitting so hard, having a regular supply of quality golf balls will keep them happy.

We do have a good range of personalized golf ball options which can be made unique by adding text and/or images, and these are often from top brands they may have mentioned such as Titleist or Callaway.

Of course we have looked at some of the funniest options out there too like this set of prank exploding golf balls (yes they explode upon being hit!) or this lovely gift set containing two normal golf balls plus a third square golf ball, purely for ornamental purposes obviously!

This guide is all about products from United States of America, for other locations change the flag in the top right corner.

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8 Very Silly Emoji Golf Balls to Make Them Laugh

8 Very Silly Emoji Golf Balls to Make Them Laugh

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