10 Best Personalized Golf Balls with Photo or Text so its Unique

Last updated in April 2021

Personalized gifts are one of the best options for any recipient and personalized golf balls are at the top of the list of custom golf gift options. What makes them a great gift is that every player needs lots of golf balls, they will spend a lot of time picking them up or putting them down and its a positive if their balls stand out next to other players!

You can personalize golf balls in many different ways and we have options that include text, icons and/or photos with most options providing a tool to give you a preview of what the balls will look like before you order. There are a range of price points available typically aligned to the choice of brand and we have some top of the range Titleist Personalized Golf Balls through to the unbranded, but no less stylish option.

This is your chance to be creative! Choose the right text or photo to inspire them to play better... consider whether a nice message or photo will encourage them, or you want to include something funny or rude to inspire them in a different way!

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10 Best Personalized Golf Balls with Photo or Text so its Unique

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Cartoon Personalized Golf Ball

We like this personalized golf ball option because it doesn't just print your photo on the ball, it changes the style to make it look like a cartoon! Just send in a photo plus add some text to the back of the ball if you want as well!

Crate with 24 Personalized Golf Balls

This crate is pretty awesome... not only do you get 24 personalized golf balls with your choice of text, but they come in a sealed wooden crate. The included crowbar is there for them to break into the crate and you will both get a laugh as they figure out how to open everything!

Sleeve of 3 Personalized Golf Balls

This pack of 3 personalized golf balls is great value for money considering that it can be personalized with a text and image, and each ball can be different! Perfect for that gift if you don't want to invest in a higher quantity branded set.