21+ Wicked Retirement Golf Gifts for Those With Lots of Time

Last updated in April 2021

Retirement is a time to celebrate and what better way to do that than with a Golf Gift they will definitely get lots of use out of, now they have all that free time!

Celebrate the end of their working life with a set of golf ball Whisky chillers or a personalized golf towel, our hand picked list of the best Retirement Golf Gifts has something for every type of golfer.

Of course, if you want something specific then check out our range of personalized golf balls or golf themed coffee mugs, or even better get them to register with us for free and create their own custom wish list for you to choose from!

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21+ Wicked Retirement Golf Gifts for Those With Lots of Time
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7-piece Golf Club Style Grilling Set

We find a good retirement gift is something that you wish they did more of, such as in this case: more BBQ's please! They will have no excuse with this 7-piece set of BBQ tools in a very stylish golf theme.

Bro Basket, Golfers Delight Gift Basket

Retirement usually only happens once in a lifetime so get them something super special, like this "Golfers Delight" gift basket which aside from the awesome golfing accessories, includes both Scotch and Cigars! Definitely a top end present but surely one they will remember for many years to come.

Custom Golf Ball Marker Display Frame

Break the mould with a retirement present and get this ball marker display frame. With space for 36 markers plus a photo, this will remind them of all the great golfing memories they have had whilst leaving space for new memories to come.

Custom Golf Bobblehead

Now they are retired, they are probably getting a lot more fun out of life, so to add to that fun, treat them to a custom bobblehead figure! Send in a high resolution photo and it will be turned into a unique present, one that is bound to get them laughing all the way round the course.

Deluxe Golf Adirondack Chair with Ottoman

In retirement they will be wanting to put their feet up a bit more... and what better way to sit back and relax than in this handmade chair, crafted with recycled golf clubs and the finest douglas fir wood. If thats not enough, the drinks holder and foot rest complete the set.

Garmin Golf Smart Watch

If they are retiring soon then they probably fall into one of two camps: those that have ignored technological advances in the game of golf and those that absolutely embrace it! We hope its the latter here because this Garmin smart watch is a brilliant piece of golfing technology. 15 hours of battery life will allow them to record their scores as they play plus see details on each golf course and hole for over 41,000 courses.

Go Play Golf... Gift Card

Perfect for the travelling retiree... the Go Play Golf gift card can be redeemed against course fees on over 5000 different courses. Simply load the eCard or physical gift card with an appropriate value and off they go with the freedom to try new places or revisit old favorites.

Golf Ball Whisky Chillers

As they take retirement, they can't spend all their time golfing surely? Maybe 50% of their time golfing and the other 50% drinking Whisky? If so, they will need a set of these golf ball shaped whisky chillers, perfect for keeping their drink of choice at the right drinking temperature.

Golf Cooler Bag

When they are retired, some of the normal rules don't apply... like drinking on the golf course. Or at least that's what my Dad told me... either way, we are sure they will put this 6-pack-beer of 2-bottle-wine cooler bag to good use.

Hand Forged Panda, Copper Ball Marker

Ball markers aren't just a useful gift, they need to be stylish too, and this hand crafted marker from Seamus Golf ticks all the boxes. Produced by a 2nd generation blacksmith in the US, this Copper ball marker stands out from the crowd and will definitely make them proud to own it.

Image Personalized Golf Tees

A special retirement treat that will make them the talk of the fairway... how about your own image on the top of a golf tee? That's what you get here, just upload a file to the website and let them do the rest! Don't worry about the minimum order of 1000, now they are retired it won't take them long to work through that!

Mulligan Genie - Golf Cheating Aid

Now they are retired, they should be improving their game just through the amount of extra hours they are able to put in. But if they need that little extra help, why not get them this "cheating aid". Simply strap to lower leg and dispense a "spare" golf ball whenever their real golf ball has been mis-hit.

Personalized Eternitee Golf Tee Set

Now they are retired they don't mind getting the gadgets and tools to help their game improve and this "Eternitee" Golf Tee is just that. With a flexible rubber top, they will see much less resistance than a traditional golf tee, meaning each shoot is smoother and more consistent.

Personalized Full Photo Golf Towel

Treat them to the retirement gift they have always wanted... a 15" x 25" golf towel complete with a picture of your face! Well, the "your face" bit is optional but you can upload your own picture which will take up the full size of the towel. A handy hook means they won't lose it either!

Personalized Golf Umbrella

Once retired, they are going to be spending a lot longer out of the golf course so make sure they come prepared with this personalized golf umbrella! With the added touch of having a custom name or message on the side, they will have something truly unique with them.

Personalized Golf-style Hip Flask

Remember that you should always stay hydrated, especially when retired and playing multiple rounds of golf per week. This hip flask is a great way to stay hydrated (with water of course) and it looks great too!

Personalized Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Keeping it simple with up to 3 lines of personalized text, these tour level Titleist Pro V1 golf balls will look and perform brilliantly. Featuring designs that produce more speed in the ball and this better distances with greater accuracy, this ball is perfect for the regular user... especially those who are retired!

Players Towel - Personalized Golf Towel

Now they are retired, they need the best of the best (since they will be making good use of it!) and this personalized towel is the same as has been used by many professional golfers so should add something to their game. Make it unique with an easy-to-use personalization tool too.

Poop Group Emoji Gift Set

We all know kids love a good poop joke, but did you know that statistically speaking retirees love poop jokes more? Note: completely made up statistic by us. Well, either way, we think they will enjoy showing off this poop-themed Emoji golf ball.

Taylor Made Personalized Cart Bag

What better way to celebrate retirement than with a new golf bag? And even better, one that is personalized with their name? They are sure to remember to thrill of retiring when they are lugging this around everywhere in their plentiful free time.

Vintage Golf Photo Print

This Vintage Golf Photo Print would make a lovely retirement gift, giving them memories of playing golf whilst waiting for their suits to be pressed. Oh, not sure that's them in the print? Never mind, this would look great in their house to remind them of simpler times before they head out on the golf course for their 5th round this week.