18+ Unexpected Stocking Stuffers for Golf Lovers

Last updated in April 2021

Do you treat stocking stuffers as a last-minute rush to the shops or is it part of your Christmas routine? Either way, the Golf lover in your life will really appreciate our range of Golf themed stocking stuffers.

We have picked a range of smaller items but that doesn't mean they are any less useful or fun! From this well-presented 3-pack of personalized socks to the golf mini pen set, there is bound to be something they will enjoy almost as much as the main event!

If you are looking for other smaller cheaper options then check out our Cheap and Cheerful gift category for more great ideas!

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18+ Unexpected Stocking Stuffers for Golf Lovers
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12-pack of Emoji Practise Balls

Who wouldn't want to wake up to a range of emoji golf balls staring back at them? Well with this set of 12 golf balls you can! Delivered in a simple presentation box, this pack of golf balls looks great and can be used on the fairway or just during local training.

3-Pack Customized Golf Socks

Complete with presentation box, this set of 3 socks is perfect for a last minute stocking filler. What's more, you can actually personalize them! Add a name to make them unique and they will never forget this gift.

50 Personalized Golf Tees, Gift Set

We imagine this would feel pretty weighty in the bottom of their Christmas stocking and would be an awesome surprise come Christmas morning. However, the look on their face when they realise that each one is personalized with a lovely message... priceless!

Because your golf game is "poo"... toilet paper

Toilet Paper is probably one of the last things they will expect on Christmas morning, but the look of sheer delight as they realise you have but them something perfectly useful will be worth it. Then they will realise that the message on the outside is what matters, and that you appreciate how rubbish they are at golf!

Bingo Bango Bongo Golf Game

We are pretty sure they wont be expecting this one so it would make a great stocking stuffer... Bingo Bango Bongo! Offering a points based competition on top of a normal round of golf, for instance a point is awarded to the player getting their ball onto the green first. Adds a fun twist and another level of competition to the game.

Custom Golf Ball Marker

These may be small and simple but that doesn't mean they aren't stylish and effective. Using a sharpie to "fill in" the template, choosing from a wide range of designs, and really make their ball stand out.

Eject-a-Putt Golf Prank

Everyone loves a joke for Christmas and this "Eject-a-putt" is a perfect aid to help them prank their friends. Simply place in the hole in advance and this handy little tool will bounce their ball right out of the hall when it is supposed to stay put!

Golf Ball Storage Bag (+ 2 balls)

Getting them golf balls for Christmas is boring isn't it? Well what about this stylish yet humorous golf ball bag, designed to clip on their golf cart and carry all their spare golf balls in. This would actually be pretty useful and it looks good too.

Golf Ball Washer

Just the right size for a stocking filler, this compact and super useful golf ball washer has three rotating brushes to clean off even the most stubborn mud. Don't forget that any mud on the surface of the ball will significantly affect the flight of the ball and ruin their game, at least that was there excuse.

Golf Mini Pen Set

Complete with stylish gift box that doubles as a putting green, this set of golf themed pens would be appreciated by anyone and everyone if they found it in their stocking on Christmas Day.

Heads Down Golf Tees

This 4 set of novelty golf tees make a perfect stocking stuffer and they will be laughing for hours when they open them up! Fortunately no batteries are required (not sure why the product description mentions that) but we are sure they will stand out when in use on the golf course.

MLB Golf Set

Perfectly sized for the small stocking stuffer present, this Major League Baseball gift set include towel, tees and balls. Visit the TEAM GOLF store for a range of different MLB teams. 

NFL Golf Ball Markers

Get him an officially licensed gift set complete with 2 ball markers and mangetic hat clip from a range of over 30 different teams. This makes the perfect stocking stuffer present as its small, nicely packaged as a gift and something they can genuinely use!

Play Nine - the Card Game of Golf

Christmas is a time for family, food and presents... oh and new games that everyone can play and fall out over! Try out this golf-themed card game as a stocking filler with the aim of still being friends at the end of it...

Sleeve of 3 Personalized Golf Balls

Personalized gifts make great stocking stuffers and this pack of 3 unbranded golf balls can be customized with text and image, making it excellent value for money and a great little stocking stuffer.

Space Baby 3 Pack Golf Ball Set

This 3 pack of golf balls would make a great stocking stuffer because its small and also very useful for the golfer in your life... every player needs golf balls right? Well these ones are pretty special because they are Space Baby golf balls, yey!

Why You Suck at Golf book

Books are a great choice for a stocking stuffer present and this one is no exception. The headline is quite direct... "Why you suck at Golf", but actually this book is filled with loads of practical tips for the enthusiastic amateur and would be a great reference guide for them to understand what went wrong after each game!