14 Awesome Golf Subscription Boxes that will get them Excited

Last updated in April 2021

You can get subscription boxes for everything now, so why not for Golf too? They are really great if you have someone who has pretty much everything they need but sticks with the same brands and items all the time. A quick sign-up to one of these boxes and they will get delivered a much wider range of items than they would have considered themselves!

Most boxes have some kind of "quiz" that will tailor them somewhat to their playing style and personal tastes, but other than that, they are intended as a voyage of discovery for new golf accessories and apparel. There are even boxes aimed specifically at Women and ones for Kids too.

Not all golf subscription boxes are about finding new brands, some are about replenishing essential items such as Golf Balls and Tees. Plus we have a few options which send recovered or recycled items, so you will be doing your bit to save the planet and saving money at the same time!

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14 Awesome Golf Subscription Boxes that will get them Excited

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13 Monthly Golf Subscription Boxes Compared

Subscription Boxes can solve one of the biggest problems when it comes to gifts for sports fans... that they have it already or they know what they want, no surprises!

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59 Golf Box

59 Golf Box offers two subscription options featuring top brands such as Under Armour, Callaway, TaylorMade and more. With a range of items in each box and that selection customizable, you are sure to get some great deals here.

Birdie Bundle Subscription Box

Take the quiz based on your golfing habits and styles and they will suggest which of their selection of bundles might be best for you.. or choose your own and personalize it with upto 70% off normal equipment and apparel prices.

Bogey Box Golf Club

Different to the traditional subscription box, take a style quiz, let your stylist select items in your price range, try on at home and return anything you don't want free of charge!

Golf Ball Divers "The Club"

Select from a range of standards of ball and how often you want them and never run out. As the name suggests, these are "discovered" balls that have probably only been hit a few times at knockdown prices.

Golf Supply Drop

Aimed at the beginner end of the market, Golf Supply Drop offer boxes full of essential items such as balls, tee's and gloves.

JR Golf Subscription Box

A great box with a twist aimed solely at kids! Featuring training aids, golf balls, tee's plus more alongside useful tips and learning material to improve their game.

Mullybox Subscription Box

With a choice of two monthly-delivered boxes, each comes with a set of golf balls plus a number of accessories depending on the choice, all aimed at improving your game.

My Golf Locker Subscription Box

Based on a brief survey about you, the specialists at My Golf Locker will fill your box with items to suit you. What makes this different is that you have 14 days to return any times you don't want to keep, free of charge!

Short Par 4 Subscription Box

Get a monthly box of exciting golf goodies at heavily reduced prices all based on the answers to your personal style quiz. With three different membership options there is something for everyone here.

Swinger Box

A monthly delivered box with a choice of two: one focusing on gear and apparel, the other focusing on essentials such as balls and tee's. All based on a personal player profile.

Tee Up Women's Subscription Box

This box is aimed at Women and sets out to provide stylish, top brand options to all the female players out there. Two box options provide a mix of useful equipment and stylish apparel.