32 Unique and Unusual Golf Gifts they Won't Have Seen Before

Last updated in April 2021

Chances are you want to get the Golfer in your life something unique... well look no further than our list of the 32 most unique and unusual golf gifts out there. We have scoured the internet and looked at hundreds of products from big and small brands to bring you a curated list of items they will not have seen before.

Unique and Unusual does not mean Useless. These items are all genuinely useful and interesting gifts but they are ones that most golfers wont have seen or experienced before. The beauty in that is that they will be genuinely shocked when they open the gift - a true surprise!

From the futuristic Golf Ball Finding Glasses through to the Portable Golf Urinal, enjoy finding the perfect unique and unusual golf gift for them.

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32 Unique and Unusual Golf Gifts they Won't Have Seen Before
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50 Golf Ball Themed Bandages

Got a golf related injury (is that a thing?) or even if it's not golf related then this golf ball themed bandage will provide some pain relief and light humour at the same time.

72-ball Golf Ball Display

Ahh the age old question... what to do with all those Golf Balls when they are not in use? Well here is a solution, display them in your house! This wall-mounted or free-standing display rack is made from stainless steel and provides a great discussion point for any visitors. Just watch out if you have cats... they love golf balls.

Bingo Bango Bongo Golf Game

Bingo Bango Bongo is a game in which three points are up for grabs on every hole with each point corresponding to the completion of a different activity such as landing the ball on the green first. A fun game to play alongside "normal" golf to add a further level of competition.

Crate with 24 Personalized Golf Balls

This pretty unique set of 24 personalized golf balls comes in its own wooden crate and gets delivered with a crow bar... yes a crow bar that they will need to use to open the crate! Watch in delight as they struggle to get in but once they do, they will be met with an explosion of golf balls made custom just for them.

Custom Golf Ball Marker Display Frame

If they are anything like us then they probably have a huge collection of ball markers lying all over the place. Help them tidy up and also provide a unique feature in your home by checking out this ball marker display frame. It can fit 36 ball markers plus has space for a special photo or other memorabilia in the middle.

Custom Golf Bobblehead

Make a truly unique gift by getting a face added to one of these Bobbleheads... the only question is do you put their face on or your face?!? Choose from a range of sizes and then send in your high-resolution photo for them to create something that will definitely put a smile on their face.

Custom Golf Dog Portrait

Everyone is sure to comment on how unique these custom Golf Dog portraits are, once hung on the best wall in their house. Send in a picture of their dog and see it turned into a stunning piece of artwork. Not only can they be a male or female golfer, but there are loads of other backgrounds to choose from too!

Deluxe Golf Adirondack Chair with Ottoman

This product describes itself as a chair, but we think its more of a throne! Made with recycled golf clubs and top quality Douglas Fir wood, this super comfortable and very unique chair would look excellent in their man cave or out on the patio by the BBQ.

Floating Golf Turf Game

Transform a pool or a pond into the ultimate golf training station with this Floating Golf Turf Game. Each set comes with floating turf, floating golf balls and flag, you just need to use your regular club to get some serious practise in.

Glow in the Dark Mini Golf Course

This glow in the dark mini golf course provides five holes of fun. The green-printed felt mat has a raised border meaning errant shots are kept within the game with windmill and zig-zag obstacles providing plenty of entertainment for the whole family.

Gold Canyon Golf Resort

It doesn't get more unique than owning your own golf course, does it? So if you have a spare $34 million lying around, why not invest in this? 370 acres of land and 2 18-hole golf courses plus the Gold Canyon Golf Resort, all situated in the foothills of the Superstition Mountains in Gold Canyon, Arizona.

Gold Plated Golf Ball Markers

If they really want to show off on the golf course then get them this set of two 24K gold plated and diamond infused ball markers. To be honest they look more like wedding rings than ball markers but maybe all that sparkle will put their opponent off?

Golf Ball Finding Glasses

Sounding like something from a far-future Sci-fi movie, these Golf Ball Finding Glasses are actually here right now! With their special blue lenses which amplify the color white, they make finding lost balls the easiest its ever been. Plus they have the added benefit of making the wearer look extra cool.

Golf Ball Washer

Remember, you should always keep your balls clean. This little device is easy to carry around and wash your dirty balls on the go.

Golf Ball Whisky Chillers

This set of 2 Golf Ball Whisky Chillers comes complete with handy storage pouch and is perfect for getting Vodka, Whisky or Scotch to just the right temperature. Where ice would keep the drink cool but also melt and water it down, these golf ball chillers keep things at the right temperature and consistency.

Golf Club Paper Towel Holder

There must be loads of golf clubs that reach the end of their useful life each year... what to do with them all? Here is one solution: turn a few of them into a unique paper towel holder! Handmade from a mix of drivers and irons, these sturdy towel holders are useful in the kitchen and in the man cave.

Golf Game Dartboard

A perfect combination of golf and darts to satisfy your golfing needs even when indoors. Watch out for the sand traps and water hazards just like in real life!

Golf Goddess Score Counter

This is a pretty unique find... an elegant bracelet that wouldn't look out of place at a glitzy ball that doubles as a golf score counter?!!? Out on the course, simply move the attached beads around to keep score as you go, removing the need for a dedicated score tracker whilst looking super glamorous at the same time.

Golf Iron Bottle Opener

This vintage reclaimed Golf Iron bottle opener would make the perfect addition to a golf-lovers kitchen. Each item is made from a reclaimed vintage golf iron and specific iron numbers can even be requested, useful if there is a number that has a special meaning for them.

Golf Shot Pint Glass

Hand sculpted by a father-son team right in the US, these golf ball impacted pint glasses are absolutely amazing and unique! The golf ball is actually a real ball and the glass is formed around it, giving the impression of a direct hit!

Hillbilly Golf Tees

Golf tees are a pretty standard item you would think? Sure you can get different colors, but what else? Well how about these recycled shotgun shells? Doesn't come much different than that! Made from real recycled shotgun shells they perform well as golf tees and last longer than a normal tee - winner winner!

Jordan Sneaker Golf Ball Marker

Most ball markers are round... not these! Choose from a range of colors and different designs ensuring they get the one they like the best and allow them to really stand out on the golf course!

Miniature Golf Arcade Game

The world's only arcade miniature golf game, showcasing the challenges of rope bridges, lava and flaming skulls across 3 18-hole courses. Multiplayer mode means up to 8 can play at the same time and since its in your home... you dont have to keep putting quarters in to operate!

Personalized Sand Trap Photo Frame

Personalize this photo frame with 4-5 letters spelled out with the golfers enemy: the sand trap. These real life pictures are automatically chosen based on your required letters and placed in a lovely frame, making the perfect unique gift.

Pop-up Golf Greeting Card

Pop-up cards are generally awesome at the best of times but this goes one step further and incorporates the golf theme for a pop-up golf greetings card! With no text inside this can be used for birthdays, christmas, retirement or any celebration.

Portable Golf Urinal

What's the worst thing that could happen on the golf course? Needing to pee of course! Well, know there is a solution... this clever device allows you pee inside what looks like a golf club and "save" it for later - no-one will suspect anything!

Set of Golf Bookends

Whether their bookshelf is filled with books about golf or not, these bookends are super useful and genuinely stylish. Made from cast iron, they will not only look good but will be sturdy enough to keep even the most packed book shelf in place.

Square Golf Ball Gift Set

For just $19.95 you can get 2 perfectly normal golf balls and one square one. Yes a square one. The website makes it clear it's not be hit, but serves as a great desk ornament.

The Gotham Golfcart

Inspired by the Batman movies, this is a genuine real life Batmobile for use out on the golf course. Rolling on six course friendly wheels, this beast of a machine can reach up to 38 mph whilst keeping them in comfortable leather seats.