About Us

"Oh no... not another pair of socks!" resonated round the room on Christmas morning.

"I have more socks than I know what to do with."

"But it's so hard to buy for you... you have everything you want!"

Sound familiar?

This was the beginning of the idea for Not Another Pair of Socks.

A place where us Sports mad folk can find great gifts that we actually want, and help our partners/friends/children/parents/others know what we want too.

We aim to find the best gift idea's for all sports, uncovering the hidden gem's and promoting the must-have gifts.

Add items to your wishlist and share it wide so people know what you actually want.

Enter our competition to win a Mega Bundle of prizes with each one worth over £100.

Don't forget we donate 5% of profits to sports related charities - I have had so much benefit from participating in sports that I want others to get that same benefit. Sport is a fantastic way to change the world for the better.